Annoyances and upsets with the iPhone 4S have been more than offset by its screen, the silkiness of its surfaces, the camera, and the third-party market for both software and hardware.

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November 2015


The everyone-is-related tendency is possibly worse than the everything-was-just-a-dream trope because it’s subtler; we don’t quite know why our epic romp has deflated to an incestuous Möbius Strip.

June 2013

Go Deny Yourself

This little four-letter word undermines our modern values of tolerance and presumption of innocence.

December 2012

Some Consumer Affairs

I’ve tried to enjoy schlepping water, thinking that it serves to keep us to some human roots.

February 2012

2001: A Space Odyssey: Dry, Juicy, Linear, Luminous

After they finished watching the Bond movies, I figured the next series John Gruber and Dan Benjamin would discuss on The Talk Show would be Stanley Kubrick’s oeuvre. But Gruber refused — too personal for podcasting, he said. Disappointed, I rewatched 2001.

January 2012

A Scheme of a Number of Friends

Instead of acknowledging the wisdom of leading from behind, the Right jumped on the Obama administration’s handling of Libya as yet another example of at best incompetence. They lost me there.

October 2011

The Mouse and the Cantilever

Steve Jobs we lost at the age of 56; when Frank Lloyd Wright reached that age it was still only 1923, the time of merely his second comeback with Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel.

March 2010

Friendship is for Weenies

It’s amazing, given the adulation he enjoyed elsewhere, that the Israeli public knew from the start not to trust this US President.

Before the Setup

Nobody from has asked me what my setup us, nor is likely to anytime soon. So I’m just going to mouth off here about it. But first, some background.

February 2010

Walter Russell Mead steps gingerly into the Wieseltier/Sullivan imbroglio

On the Leon Wieseltier/Andrew Sullivan spat, Walter Russell Mead seems to want to have his strudel and eat it too.

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