On the Leon Wieseltier/Andrew Sullivan spat, Walter Russell Mead seems to want to have his strudel and eat it too.

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December 2015

From iPhone 4S to 6S: An appreciation

I keep my phones longer than most techies but I’m loving my new iPhone 6S.

November 2015


With the villain’s sibling connection to the hero, 2015’s James Bond movie deflates to an incestuous Möbius Strip.

August 2014

In Gaza, Israel should acknowledge its terrible tactic

Although loaded terms like “collective punishment” and “state terrorism” are not entirely inaccurate descriptions of Israel’s application of the Dahieh Doctrine in Gaza, history does suggest that the method is effective when fighting a fundamentally defensive war.

June 2013

Go Deny Yourself

This little four-letter word undermines our modern values of tolerance and presumption of innocence.

December 2012

Some Consumer Affairs

I’ve tried to enjoy schlepping water, thinking that it serves to keep us to some human roots.

April 2012

From Nokia N95 to iPhone 4S

Annoyances and upsets with the iPhone 4S have been more than offset by its screen, the silkiness of its surfaces, the camera, and the third-party market for both software and hardware.

February 2012

2001: A Space Odyssey:
Dry, Juicy, Linear, Luminous

After they finished watching the Bond movies, I figured the next series John Gruber and Dan Benjamin would discuss on The Talk Show would be Stanley Kubrick’s oeuvre. But Gruber refused — too personal for podcasting, he said. Disappointed, I rewatched 2001.

January 2012

A Scheme of a Number of Friends

Instead of acknowledging the wisdom of leading from behind, the Right jumped on the Obama administration’s handling of Libya as yet another example of at best incompetence. They lost me there.

October 2011

The Mouse and the Cantilever

Steve Jobs we lost at the age of 56; when Frank Lloyd Wright reached that age it was still only 1923, the time of merely his second comeback with Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel.

March 2010

Friendship is for Weenies

It’s amazing, given the adulation he enjoyed elsewhere, that the Israeli public knew from the start not to trust this US President.



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Get fed up with me:

Western rational thought is not an innate human characteristic; it is a learned ability.


I know the feeling of the Jew who leaves these dungeons—and breathes the air of Jerusalem. He feels at home, he feels safe, feels the terrible difference between one who lives in his country, his homeland, in a country which is capable of defending his life — to one who stood alone, defenseless against bestial men.

Ariel Sharon

Being pro-Palestinian… [is] moral onanism.

Bret Stephens

Long before Israel resembled America, America resembled Israel.

David Gelernter

The very expression ‘scientifically proven’ is a contradiction in terms.

Carlo Rovelli

What’s good for Israel is good for the world.


How much social capital America gains by its religion of enfranchisement; how stupid can peoples be to ignore this?


Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

With the advent of Israel, anti-Semitism is more detrimental to its practitioners than to Jews.


Israel has no business not being in the Sinai.


I am especially leery when people who loudly and implausibly assert that anti-Semitism isn’t a problem anymore make harsh and unbalanced criticisms about the world’s only Jewish state.

Walter Russell Mead

Is there any pleasure like sitting comfortably in Israel’s hills, a book open by an American, and meditating on England?


To be pro-Israel is to be pro-hope.

Walter Russell Mead

If land for peace seems a wrongheaded policy for a large country, it is obviously far more so for a small one.


I don’t build a house without predicting the end of the present social order.

Frank Lloyd Wright

The essence of Zionism is to meet destruction with construction.


The further away you are from the Lonely Planet-clutching swarms of Israelis the more fun you will have.

Englishman Alistair Humphreys, on biking around the world